Foodie Friday: Quick Trip to Vancouver

A quick three day trip to Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) is the theme of my next Foodie Friday post (this time only a day late!). For those that want to skip the pictures and albeit short descriptions – it’s about ramen, baked goods, and donuts.

Kintaro Ramen

This is the amazingly rich and flavourful spicy garlic ramen at Kintaro Ramen in downtown Vancouver on Denman St. My personal favorite is the rich broth and fatty pork – the ball of garlic hits your taste buds and lightly burns your nostrils – so you know the garlic working!

A Bread Affair

Do you want great baked goods – from breakfast sandwiches to pastries? A favorite of mine is A Bread Affair – this location is right in Granville Island. For cyclists, it’s an easy ride via the seawall route so you can avoid some of the parking issues – either that, get here early.

This particular selection is are their double pistachio croissants and double almost croissants (one with chocolate, one without) in the back, strawberry balsamic scone (left front), and their thick apple oatmeal cookie (right front). Yup, super delicious!

49th Parallel Café & Lucky’s Doughnuts

Yes, it’s a great cafe (often with in-store made almond milk) but the star of the show (for me) are their doughnuts! As an old friend quoted to me, Lucky’s Doughnuts are proper adult donuts.

The selection here is from the Main St. location with the selection being chocolate old fashioned (left), old fashioned (middle back), pea flower lemonade ring (middle front), blueberry crumble fritter (right back), and donut holes (right front).

I’m sure I’ll add more of my favorites as time permits (as my trips up here are fortunately more frequent) such as my call out for Banana Leaf, my previous review of Kintaro Ramen, or a shout out to a great little coffee shop Petit Ami Coffee (also on Granville Island).

Meanwhile, enjoy!

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  1. Everything looks delicious 🙂

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