You gotta shift it (to higher gear), to get the biscuit

With PyData Seattle 2023 coming up so soon, my Friday Foodie installment for (only three days late) for April 2023 is where in Seattle can you get amazing biscuits? Well, as the three followers of my Strava know, one of my motivations to go for longer rides is food. An example is this ride involving Lake Washington North and stopping off for one of Seattle best biscuit companies – Seattle Biscuit Company.

These biscuits are big, carry some actual weight, and of course delicious. The picture below is one of my to-go favorites – a modified version of the Hickey Dewberry where I replaced the jam with honey.

Note, the jam is awesome, I just modify it when I’m riding. When I bring them home or eating there (yes, with the awesome Frozen plate with Anna), I go with the default (admittedly, this is a shot with the honey too)!

Two other of my favorites on a single plate are the Willie Lee (egg, Beecher’s cheese, bacon, house berry jam) and the Varner (Beecher’s cheese, Uli’s Andouille sausage, house peach habanero jam).

So if you’re coming to PyData Seattle 2023, cycling or walking along the Burke Gilman trail near Frelard (in the area between Fremont and Ballard neighborhoods), come by and get some biscuits!

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