Analysis Services Multidimensional: It is the Order of Things

Jem’Hadar Warrior: “I am a Jem’Hadar. He is a Vorta. It is the order of things.” Captain Sisko: “Do you really want to give up your life for the ‘order of things’?” Jem’Hadar Warrior: “It is not my life to give up, Captain – and it never was.” — From Rocks and Shoals, Star Trek DS9, written by Ronald D. Moore —– Authors: Denny Lee, Akshai Mirchandani, and Dianne Wood Earlier in the year (2013), Dianne Wood and I had presented Yahoo! Big Data and Microsoft Bi – Bigger and Better Together and the PASS Business Analytics Conference.  One of…

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PowerPivotPro-School: Choose your Big Data topics!

Are you interested in learning more about PowerPivot from the pro?  The pro I mean is Rob Collie is the guy who designed PowerPivot and has been teaching, writing, and using PowerPivot since 2009.  Well, he has the PowerPivotPro School which has 12+ hours vide on advanced PowerPivot which is designed for Excel users.  If you want to join the course – do it now at: as sign ups close August 16th, 2013! One of bonus module course that will be part of Rob’s comprehensive PowerPivot course is about Big Data presented by yours truly.  So help me choose which…

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Quick Tips and Q&A for SQL Server Analysis Services to Hive

Over the last few weeks I’ve fielded some questions concerning the paper that Dave Mariani (@dmariani) and I had contributed to the whitepaper / case study SQL Server Analysis Services to Hive; below is an aggregate of those tips – hope this helps! Q: I’m running into the HiveODBC Error message “..expected data length is 334…” A: Check out the post for details on how to potentially resolve this: HiveODBC error message “..expected data length is 334…”  .  Q: Can I connect Analysis Services Tabular to Hive instead of Multidimensional? A: Yes! Ayad Shammout (@aashammout) has a couple of great…

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Import Hadoop Data into SQL BI Semantic Model Tabular

Originally posted on Ayad Shammout's SQL & BI Blog:
  Hadoop brings scale and flexibility that don’t exist in the traditional data warehouse. Using Hive as a data warehouse for Hadoop to facilitate easy data summarization, ad-hoc queries, and the analysis of large datasets. Although Hive supports ad-hoc queries for Hadoop through HiveQL, query performance is often prohibitive for even the most common BI scenarios. A better solution is to bring relevant Hadoop data into SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular model by using HiveQL. Analysis Services can then serve up the data for ad-hoc analysis and reporting. But, there…

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Presentation: Yahoo!, Big Data, and Microsoft BI: Bigger and Better Together

About three and a half years ago, I had virtually joined the Yahoo! Targeting, Analytics, and Optimization (TAO) Engineering team where we embarked on an incredible journey to create the largest single instance Analysis Services cube.  Mind you, that was not our actual goal – our actual goal was to create fast interactive analytics against a massive amount of display advertising data from Yahoo! sites.  The requirements were staggering as noted in the slide below.   Ultimately, we took 2PB of data from one of Yahoo!’s large Hadoop cluster and created a 24TB Analysis Services cube so users could do…

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#PASSBAC – Ensuring Compliance of Patient Data with Big Data and BI

Over the past seven years, Ayad Shammout (@aashamout), Principal Business Intelligence Consultant at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School), and I have worked on a variety of very exciting SQL Server projects including (but not limited to) Healthcare Group Upgrading to SQL Server 2008 to Better Protect 2 Terabytes of Data,  Healthcare Group Improves Availability and Security of Mission-Critical Databases, Healthcare Group to Enhance Information Access with Powerful Business Intelligence Tools, and SQL Server Reporting Services Disaster Recovery Case Study We’ve worked on some pretty hinke ones including the infamous PowerPivot for SharePoint / Windows Authenticated Users…

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Big Data, BI, and Compliance in Healthcare

If you’re interested in Big Data, BI, and Compliance in Healthcare; check out Ayad Shammout (@aashammout) and my 24 Hours of PASS (Spring 2013) session Ensuring Compliance of Patient Data with Big Data and BI. To help meet HIPAA and HealthAct compliance – and to more easily handle larger volumes of unstructured data and gain richer and deeper insight using the latest analytics – a medical center is embarking on a Big Data-to-BI project involving HDInsight, SQL Server 2012, Integration Services, PowerPivot, and Power View. Join this preview of Denny Lee and Ayad Shammout’s PASS Business Analytics Conference session to…

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