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Quirky chic Korean in Taichung (台中)

It’s a Saturday evening after the return from Sun Moon Lake, and we still had a craving for Korean fried chicken … okay, I still had a craving for Korean fried chicken. So we head over to Taichung (台中)’s West district, hosting an evening arts & crafts fair on one of its main thoroughfares.

Enjoying the cool (well, for Taiwan) evening, we walked into the chic restaurant, KATZ 卡司 · 美術園道. I’ll freely admit that this did not look like a joint that would serve spicy crispy Korean fried chicken. And, of course, I was wrong!

While the restaurant is modern and chic – filled with young folk (yes, I’m old) – the self-proclaimed Korean / American fusion restaurant did not disappoint.

It started with fried corn – light, sweet, and crunchy. Then the selection of Korean fried chicken came out – pictured below are the cheese tteokbokki and garlic varieties. The fried chicken was robust in flavor that still complemented the chicken. And yet it managed to stay light so you never would feel weighted down by heavy oils.

The selection of cheesy tteokbokki was chewy with sweet and salty goodness. The chef’s kiss was the cheese eggs that bubbled over its cauldron, which was airy, cheesy, and absolutely delicious.

Quirky, chic, crispy, salty, sweet, and …. cheesy. What’s not to love?

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