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Relaxation and great food in Encinitas

Just north of San Diego, there is the beautiful town of Encinitas.  It is a lovely, relaxing surfer (or beach bum) town with excellent dining in the heart of the town itself. While I reminisce about the gorgeous view (below), I call out some wonderful food joints.

The relaxing view in Encinitas from our stay
The relaxing view in Encinitas from our stay

Juanitas Taco Shop

Food Type: Mexican

This little taco shop right off of North Coast Highway 101 is not your typical tourist cafe – which is perfect!  While usually a corn tortilla fan, they have the best wheat tortillas.  They remind me of the small, thin white flatbread used for Peking duck. The following is a picture of the to-go carnitas plate where the beans are creamy, the rice is light and delicious, the meat is flavorful, and the avocado and salsa are creamy and gorgeous.  We visited Juanitas Taco Shop almost every day of our stay in Encinitas!

Carnitas Plate from Juanita's Taco Shop
Carnitas Plate from Juanita’s Taco Shop

Pisco Rotisserie & Cevicheria

Food Type: Peruvian

I’ve always been a fan of ceviche and great Peruvian food in general.  And to our pleasant surprise, Pisco Rotisserie & Cevicheria is in San Diego and provides some fabulous dishes, including seared Pisco fish and arroz con Pollo, as noted below.

Seared Pisco Fish from Pisco
Seared Pisco Fish from Pisco
Arroz con pollo from Pisco
Arroz con pollo from Pisco

Some other dining choices that I forgot to take pictures of but should definitely call out include:

  • Honey’s Bistro & Bakery: It’s a great little breakfast diner that has large tasty portions!
  • 101 Diner: An old-school diner that is often crowded, so line up early!
  • Philz Coffee: Yes, I realize that this coffee shop originates from San Jose, but it’s still a great coffee shop!  Check out Ambrosia Coffee of God – you’ve never tasted drip coffee this awesome!
  • Betty’s Pie Whole: A little pie shop surrounded by nurseries – just go!
  • Ironsmith Coffee Roasters: Smooth, properly roasted coffee with specialty coffees such as the turmeric ginger latte (a personal favorite).
  • The Crack Shack: Yes, I realize this is a Cali franchise but yeah, this is a rockin’ chicken joint!
Good evening from Encinitas!
Good evening from Encinitas!

Good evening from Encinitas!

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