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Foodie Friday:肉圓 (Ba-Wan) at 林員肉圓 near Banciao Station, Taipei


As some of you may have known, I had the opportunity to travel and stay in Taiwan earlier in the year.  Amazingly, I’m still super behind in my my Foodie Friday blog posts of great places to eat.


For today’s post, this is a great local Taiwanese dish known as 肉圓 or Ba-Wan.  It is a Taiwanese snack food that literally means “meat sphere”.  In this case, this is a 肉圓 that is made of pork within rice-paper translucent dough.  The sauce is savory, the meat is quite fatty (in a good way), served nice and hot!  For more information, check out the Wikipedia entry:


On where to go for 肉圓, there is an old time shop near Banciao High Speed Rail station called 林員肉圓.  The foursquare check-in location is to help you find it is at  This particular stand has been in Banciao for a very long time – ever since Banciao was still farm land – run by the same family all of these years.


If you’re ever in Taipei, loop by Banciao and check it out, eh!?

5 responses to “Foodie Friday:肉圓 (Ba-Wan) at 林員肉圓 near Banciao Station, Taipei”

  1. Hi, Denny,

    Any recommendations on where to get goog ba-wan in the East Bay Area?



  2. Oops. Typo: goog -> good.

  3. Good to hear from you Roger – I wish I new of good ba-wan places in the East Bay Area but i’m afraid I have nothing yet. The best place in Seattle is one of our family friends 😉

  4. Mmm, tasty snack, indeed. Facing East in Bellevue does an okay job with it. 🙂

    1. Very true, but nothing beats old school Taiwanese, eh?! 🙂

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