Foodie Friday: St. Honoré Boulangerie


While I’m hardly a food expert like FollowMeFoodieMijune ‏(@followmefoodie), I still consider myself a foodie.  And what I often whet my appetite upon are baked goods – more specifically French bakeries.

I used to live in “la belle province” in the most awesome of cities – Montréal.   So I wasn’t enjoying French Bakeries – I was living it!.  Every morning, I would walk down the stairs from my condo and there would be the smell of fresh French baguettes and fresh cheese.


While I’m not French, I’d like to think I know a little bit about French bakeries.  And one of the best French bakeries in the Pacific Northwest is St. Honoré Boulangerie in Portland, OR.  The above picture is the sign of the bakery in the Alphabet district (or Northwest district) location.

I am a sucker for pastries and the one to the right here is the tarte abricot amande (apricot almond tart) – serious yum factor here.


And even if you want to go more simple, the Normandy Apple Toast is delectable.

There are a lot of other pastries, breads, and sandwiches – everything I have tried so far has been rich, flavorful, yet not heavy.  If you’re ever in Portland, you would be remiss to not stop by!

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