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An Azure Elephant Never Forgets… Use Windows Azure for Hadoop

An Azure Elephant Never Forgets .... Use Windows Azure for Hadoop

I have had the honor to work over eight months with the Isotope Development team led by Alexander Stojanovic (@stojanovic). Today, I’m proud to personally announce the that Hadoop on Azure is available for Community Technology Preview.

This post was published December 15th, 2011 and the content may be obsolete. Thus, most of these links are no longer active but I am keeping this post for posterity.

For more reference, please review the linked blog posts:

But what’s great about all of this effort is that we’re making Hadoop performant on the Windows platform. Furthermore, we’re integrating it with the Microsoft stack so that Open Source and Microsoft technologies can work better together.  Above all, we’re also making it easier!  As noted in the SQLCAT blog post, we built a Metro UI to easily work with Hadoop in the cloud. It’s a simple and powerful design whether you are an Big Data expert, Microsoft BI / DW specialist, Information Worker, or wanna-be-geek.

What’s even cooler is that this Metro UI is running on my iPad. Isn’t it cool that i can spin up a multi-node Hadoop cluster in the cloud and run Hive / Pig-Latin / Javascript MR queries – all from my iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, etc.!

Apache Hadoop based services for Windows Azure running on an iPad
Apache Hadoop based services for Windows Azure running on an iPad

We have more to do – Hadoop on Windows is next on the docket – and lots of other cool integrations.  Being there from almost the beginning, it’s great to see something so amazing released in such short amount of time!


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