Yes, you can connect Tableau to SparkSQL (Spark 1.1)

As a data scientist and engineer, I appreciate that Apache Spark  has many components to make it easy to analyze, gain insight, and to generate recommendations from my data.  However, as noted within my previous presentation , one of the things missing is an easy way for analysts to visualize their data. The good news is…

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Simplifying Big Data: An Introductory Hadoop Primer

Back in July, I had the honor to speak with Michael Zeller moderating the July 2014 AM webinar on Big Data. If you are interested in learning more about Big Data from a business / analyst perspective – here is our webinar on YouTube. Abstract: What’s the Big Deal with Big Data? And, more importantly,…

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Learnings from Running Spark at Twitter

As part of the Seattle Spark Meetup series, we had a great Learnings from Running Spark at Twitter session at the @TwitterSeattle Offices.  We (Seattle Spark Meetup organizers) want to thank Sriram Krishnan (@krishnansriram) and Benjamin Hindman (@benh) for presenting and Jeff Currier (@jeff_currier) and @TwitterSeattle for hosting us! As well, we had raffled off Paco Nathan’s…

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