Simplifying Big Data: An Introductory Hadoop Primer

Back in July, I had the honor to speak with Michael Zeller moderating the July 2014 AM webinar on Big Data. If you are interested in learning more about Big Data from a business / analyst perspective – here is our webinar on YouTube. Abstract: What’s the Big Deal with Big Data? And, more importantly,…

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Learnings from Running Spark at Twitter

As part of the Seattle Spark Meetup series, we had a great Learnings from Running Spark at Twitter session at the @TwitterSeattle Offices.  We (Seattle Spark Meetup organizers) want to thank Sriram Krishnan (@krishnansriram) and Benjamin Hindman (@benh) for presenting and Jeff Currier (@jeff_currier) and @TwitterSeattle for hosting us! As well, we had raffled off Paco Nathan’s…

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Seattle Spark Meetup Kicks Off with DataBricks

I am very excited to that announce that Matei Zaharia and Pat McDonough from DataBricks will be speaking at the Seattle Spark Meetup and we’ve increased the room size to accommodate more people! Seattle Spark Meetup Kick Off with DataBricks They will come up and join us for pizzas and to talk about Apache Spark!  I…

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