SQL Server Reporting Services Disaster Recovery Slides and Webinar

Back in March 2014, Ayad Shammout (@aashamout) and I – and hosted by Julie Koesmarno (@mssqlgirl) had the opportunity to present real world SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Disaster Recovery as part of the PASS DW/BI webinar series.  In this session, we dived into lessons learned from the robust end-to-end DR solution at CareGroup Healthcare. This DR method will involve both automatic and manual failover in the form of content switches, SQL Server failover clustering, and database mirroring. You can find the slides below. SQL Server Reporting Services Disaster Recovery Webinar from Ayad Shammout and Denny Lee As well, the webinar…

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SQL Server Reporting Services Disaster Recovery Case Study

Originally posted on Ayad Shammout's SQL & BI Blog:
Authors: Ayad Shammout & Denny Lee Technical Reviewers: Lukasz Pawlowski, Sanjay Mishra, Prem Mehra, Michael Thomassy, Lindsey Allen, Burzin Patel, Andy Wu, Thomas Kejser, Carl Rabeler, Quoc Bui Applies to: SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 Introduction There are many ways to perform disaster recovery with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Based upon customer experience and internal testing, this technical note provides guidance around best practices to design and manage robust end-to-end disaster recovery (DR). This DR method will involve both automatic and manual failover in the form of…

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Enterprise Reporting Services Jump Start Guide

While there is a lot of deserved and great interest with Power View, almost forgotten is the IT workhorse SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services for your corporate / managed reporting infrastructure.  For great references on SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services, my suggestions include: What’s New In SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services SQL Server Reporting Services Team Blog Robert Bruckner’s Reporting Services and Power View Blog – Principal Architect within SQL Server Reporting with excellent insight into both Reporting Services and Power View. In my former life, I had worked on some pretty complex Reporting Services customer projects.  While these references…

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Power View Tip: Scatter Chart over Time on the X-Axis and Play Axis

As you have seen in many Power View demos, you can run the Scatter Chart over time by placing date/time onto the Play Axis.  This is pretty cool and it allows you to see trends over time on multiple dimensions.  But how about if you want to see time also on the x-axis? For example, let’s take the Hive Mobile Sample data as noted in my post: Connecting Power View to Hadoop on Azure.  As noted in Office 2013 Power View, Bing Maps, Hive, and Hadoop on Azure … oh my!, you can quickly create Power View reports right out…

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How to Connect Report Builder 3.0 to a SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot workbook

With the upcoming release of SQL Server 2012, the new and cooler way to connect to a PowerPivot workbook within SharePoint is to use Power View which addresses the concept of Self Service Reporting (similar to how PowerPivot addresses Self Service BI).  I even have a cool YouTube video showing how to connect Power View to Hadoop on Azure: . Why Report Builder 3.0 when there is Power View? Nevertheless, there are some situations where SQL Server 2008 R2 tool – Report Builder 3.0 – can still be quite helpful. For example, if you need to export out the…

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Connecting Power View to Hadoop on Azure–An #awesomesauce way to view Big Data in the Cloud

The post Connecting PowerPivot to Hadoop on Azure – Self Service BI to Big Data in the Cloud provided the step-by-step details on how to connect PowerPivot to your Hadoop on Azure cluster.   And while this is really powerful, one of the great features as part of SQL Server 2012 is Power View (formerly known as Project Crescent).  With Power ‘View, the SQL Server BI stack extends the concept of Self Service BI (PowerPivot) to Self service Reporting. Above is a screenshot of the Power View Mobile Hive Sample that is built on top of the PowerPivot workbook created in…

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