Notebook Gallery

Here are some of the notebooks created to showcase various Apache Spark use cases. These are all using Databricks Community Edition which you can get at Try Databricks.

You can also access the source from mark-github

JSON Supportjson GLM in SparkR


Window Functions windowing-functions Random Forestsrandom-boosted-trees
DataFrame APIDataFrame-API ML Operations ML-Ops  Decision Treesscalable-DT Statistical FunctionsStats-Functions-DF
 Data Importdefault-open-graph  Data ExplorationData-Exploration Quick Start Python
Quick Start Scalascala-icon-4
 Ad-Tech Examplead-tech Flight Delaysflight-perf  Genomicsgenome Mobile Samplemobile-sample


Pop vs. Price LRpop-price-LR  Pop vs. Price DFpop-price-SQL  Salesforce Leadssalesforce-leads Spark 1.6 (Multiple) Spark-1.6-Multi
 Spark 1.6Spark-1.6-Single


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