How Concur uses Big Data to get you to Tableau Conference On Time

Last week, I was excited to meet old SQL BI community friends in the same venue (Washington State Convention Center) but for the Tableau Conference Data14 (as opposed to SQLPASS). It was a lot of fun and I really appreciated the opportunity to speak about Tableau, BI, and Big Data … just like old times! A big shout out to Cloudera for sponsoring Concur and myself for Tableau Conference – thanks!

The session abstract was:
Many of you attending the Tableau Customer Conference probably used Concur to book your flights. Did you know that at the heart of Concur is a big data engine that parses massive volumes of information from travel trends to expense data to weather patterns, all in an effort to deliver a better user experience and provide differentiated services to its myriad business partners? In this session Denny Lee, Senior Director of Data Sciences Engineering at Concur, will share why and how Concur relies on Cloudera’s enterprise data hub and Tableau to put data at the center of its business.

We will also cover the following:

  • Use of both Spark and Impala at Concur and how to determine when to use which tool
  • Demonstration of how Concur uses Cloudera and Tableau to improve travel outcomes

If you’d like to view the slides – check out the link below.


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