Seattle Spark Meetup Roundup: Summit, xPatterns, and Machine Learning – next is Interactive OLAP!


We’ve had some really exciting Spark sessions at the Seattle Spark Meetup even with all of the great stuff announced during last week’s Spark Summit 2014.  This post is a couple months past due, so here’s the latest compiled together!

xPatterns on Spark, Shark, Mesos, & Tachyon

Claudiu Barbura showcased Atigeo’s xPatterns – a real world customer architecture utilizing Spark, Shark, Mesos, and Tachyon!  A lot of great demos along with lessons learned and tips & tricks!


Fun Things You Can Do With Spark 1.0 with Paco Nathan!

It was an honor to host the great Paco Nathan (@pacoid) for a Seattle Spark Meetup session.  In the awesome Twitter Seattle offices, we were  provided us some context and history from Map Reduce to Spark.  The slides below include the O’Reilly Docker and IPython Notebooks!


Machine Learning Streams with Spark 1.0

We had a great session presented by the great folks at Ubix and hosted by Madrona Venture Group!  This session was focused on machine learning via MLib with conversations on Data Sciences and GraphX Integration.  Here are the  links to the material:


Spark Summit 2014 Training

Spark Summit 2014 happened on June 30th to July 2nd – it was only 7 months since Spark Summit 2013 and it jumped from 450 attendees to 1000 attendees with Summit 2014 being sold out!  The Westin St. Francis was crowded with Spark nerds chatting about distribution, Scala, GraphX, MLLib, as well as the great partner / ecosystem!  Some great info from the summit is included below:


Interactive OLAP Queries using Cassandra and Spark

Our next Seattle Spark Meetup session is scheduled for Wednesday July 16th, 2014 at the WhitePages office.  This session draws upon Evan’s experience building a distributed, interactive, columnar query engine on top of Cassandra and Spark.

RSVP for this exciting session at Interactive OLAP Queries using Cassandra and Spark.

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