2014 Flight Departure Performance via d3.js Crossfilter

As part of some quick analysis of flight departure data, to more quickly understand the impact of distance, date, and time of day on departure delays – I forked the Square Crossfilter and incorporated data from RITA BTS Flight Departure Statistics and Great Circle Mapper to calculate airport distances. At the bottom is a nice screenshot of it, but you can interact with the data directly with the links directly below. Please note that it will take a few seconds to a few minutes to load up because of the large files d3 will process.




  1. hi denny — did you ever get codepen embed to work? not able to here, per WP.com documentation instructions. any feedback appreciated. thx.
    ps i notice you have a link not an embed, so my guess is not.

    1. I did not – I tried a couple of different techniques but I definitely ran into problems. If you by any chance figure it out, please do ping me on how you did it, eh?!

      1. yes it is pretty simple actually
        you just copy and past the url of your pen into your post in the editor’s text mode
        then save
        it will display the embedded codepen editor in your post if you switch to visual mode and /or when you publish it

        here is an example


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