Learnings from Running Spark at Twitter

As part of the Seattle Spark Meetup series, we had a great Learnings from Running Spark at Twitter session at the @TwitterSeattle Offices.  We (Seattle Spark Meetup organizers) want to thank Sriram Krishnan (@krishnansriram) and Benjamin Hindman (@benh) for presenting and Jeff Currier (@jeff_currier) and @TwitterSeattle for hosting us!

As well, we had raffled off Paco Nathan’s (@pacoid) Hands-On Apache Spark Workshop (Seattle) – the winner is Monir Abu Hilal (@monirabuhilal )!  If you want to learn more about Spark, I highly recommend his course!

Below are the links to the two sessions: Spark at Twitter: Evaluation & Lessons Learnt by @krishnansriram and Mesos for Spark Users (dowload)  by @binh.

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