PowerPivotPro-School: Choose your Big Data topics!

Are you interested in learning more about PowerPivot from the pro?  The pro I mean is Rob Collie is the guy who designed PowerPivot and has been teaching, writing, and using PowerPivot since 2009.  Well, he has the PowerPivotPro School which has 12+ hours vide on advanced PowerPivot which is designed for Excel users.  If you want to join the course – do it now at: http://www.powerpivotpro.com/powerpivotpro-school/ as sign ups close August 16th, 2013!

One of bonus module course that will be part of Rob’s comprehensive PowerPivot course is about Big Data presented by yours truly.  So help me choose which topics of Big Data you would like to know more about.  Fill out the below poll before August 16, 2013 and help create the Big Data module you want to see!




  1. For Rob’s class, this is certainly appropriate pic.twitter.com/oP8KNyVdjh

    1. I guess I could try to do that except I’m pretty sure the video would just show Excel crashing when I try to send it 2T rows 😉

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