Don’t forget to register you device when upgrading to iOS7


In my haste to get up and running on iOS7 for my iPhone 5, I forgot to register my device onto the developer portal – doh!

I did the pre-requiste steps of:

Registering as an iOS developer (well, re-register for me but that’s besides the point)

– Download iOS7

– Backup my iPhone 5

– Click on option-Restore iPhone in iTunes, selected the iOS7 ipsw

– and then I let it rip!

Yet because I forgot to register my phone got stuck on the activation phase – doh!

How to get the UUID if I was patient

If I had been more patient, I could have found the UUID by:

– Plugging my iPhone into iTunes and go to the iTunes Summary Screen

– click on “Serial Number” under the “iPhone 5″ section and then it will switch to Identifier” (UUID)”

From there, you would go to the Apple iOS Developer Registration page, fill in the request information and you’ve registered your device.

How to get the UUID because I wasn’t patient

But because I was NOT patient, now I’m stuck on the activation page with no UUID.  Well, if you have a Mac (and have the latest OS / update), you can find the Apple UUID by:

– Plug in your iPhone

– Click on “About This Mac”

– Click “More Info”

– In the Overview screen, click “System Report”

– Go to Hardware > USB > USB Hi-Speed Bus > iPhone

– Under the Serial Number section is the UUID.

Once you register your device using that UUID, un-plug and reconnect it back to iTunes and you’re up and running again.

Hope this helps!

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