Seven lessons Chris Hadfield taught us from outer space

Great article about how Col Chris Hadfield got us all excited about space again! Included are some amazing pictures he had tweeted and his amazing rendition of David Bowie’s Space Oddity.

National Post | News

After five months in orbit, astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian to command the International Space Station, returned to Earth Monday night. The Post‘s Sarah Boesveld rounded up seven lessons he brought us from the great beyond:

Space is still awesome

Planetary obsession has mostly been the domain of science nerds since the heyday of the Apollo missions, but Cmdr. Hadfield changed all that by bringing life on a space ship “down to earth” for every day people, said fellow Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques. “He’s brought space back into the public eye and he’s made it cool again,” he said. Cmdr. Hadfield is now probably one of the most popular people in Canada, clocking more than 850,000 Twitter followers and counting (he had 20,000 before takeoff). His YouTube channel, featuring exchanges with William Shatner and Stephen Harper, has more than 48,631 subscribers.

There’s no crying in space


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