Halo 4 and the Flood of Big Data at Big Data Camp / PASS BA Conference

One of the great thing about working with the folks at 343 Industries – Halo developer – is that I get to claim my that playing Halo 4 is part of my job – awesome!

But in the middle of realizing how awful of a player I am, I was given the opportunity to work some very creative and smart folks at 343 on their HDInsight on Azure project.  You can find more information and various learnings at:

343 Industries Gets New User Insights from Big Data in the Cloud

Using Avro with HDInsight on Azure at 343 Industries

Another great place to hear a little bit more about this is at Big Data Camp at the PASS BA Conference.

So loop on by during the lightening talk and/or come find me on Thursday when I get to co-present the sessions:

Ensuring Compliance of Patient Data with Big Data and BI

Yahoo!, Big Data, and Microsoft BI: Bigger and Better Together

See you in Chicago!

Source: http://greghornjudge.com/HTM_PAGES/03_video_&_ad_htms/Halo_2_Flood_aliens.htm

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