Sunny Sunday: Tofino


This is a picture of an isolated beach in the wonderful town of Tofino (yes, I actually took it!).  Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island – if you are surfer, camper, hiker, or just plain old nature lover – this is a beautiful place to hang out.  Drive up from Victoria to Nanaimo (yes, of the famed Nanimo bars) and then cut through Vancouver Island to its west coast – it is a wonderfully scenic drive (this from a person that doesn’t like driving). 

For more information on Tofino, check out Tofino’s Wikipedia page – and check out Bing’s images of Tofino.  Oh, and if you go there – I highly suggest the local seafood joint The Schooner Restaurant



About “Sunny Sunday”: The Sunny Sunday blog posts are photos from various travel and/or outdoor (hiking) trips.

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