You know that I’m tired when…

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in awhile, but there’s lots of interesting things happening these days all in prep for the SQLPASS summit, eh?!  It’s been long nights and lots of fun chaos!

Saying this, you know that I’m tired when…

  • you’re getting <3h of sleep / night
  • you’re running all of your team meetings via conference calls from your car
  • you walk into a customer executive briefing wearing shorts
  • realized my Mandarin Chinese is so bad that I’m learning new words while watching “Ni Hao, Kai Lan”
  • was actively thinking about joining sales
  • was losing a real debate with my three year old
  • Every time I think about big data, I conjure up proboscidae
  • I’ve been hearing “go in bar” a lot lately … or perhaps that’s my dyslexia

But most importantly, the main reason I know I’m tired is because I have five episodes of “Doctor Who” still in the queue.



  1. Big data and elephants? Is it because of “elephantine?” Or because their skin has so many wrinkles?

  2. […] I’m using it (more later).    I even got a little cheeky last week with my recent blog post You know that I’m tired when… – especially with the last two […]

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