Announcing SSAS Maestros v1.2

In homage to the maestro, the Battlestar Galactica image links to Bear McCreary’s All Along The Watch Tower.

Note, This is a re-post of Announcing SSAS Maestros v1.2 on the SQLCAT blog.

We are proud to announce that SQLCAT will continue with the SSAS Maestros course in June and July in Redmond and Madrid.

SSAS Maestros 1.2 Courses

Join us for a five-day deep-dive course on Analysis Services 2008 R2 UDM and join the SSAS Maestro Program.  Prepared and presented by SQLCAT, top industry experts and the SQL Server Analysis Server team, this intensive 500-level course gives top SSAS professionals the education and hands-on experience needed to deliver highly complex and highly scalable OLAP solutions using Analysis Services 2008 R2.   Registration requires screening and approval of qualified attendees.  Click on the links below for more details.

SSAS Maestro Program – Redmond, WA- June 13-17

SSAS Maestro Program – Madrid, Spain – July 18-22

The v1.2 of the SSAS Maestros course has been updated based on our learnings from the v1.0 course.  How well did people like SSAS Maestros v1.0? Linked is Vidas Matelis‘ [blog | twitter] opinion of the course: SSAS Maestro program – my experience so far.

We are also proud to announce the first set of SSAS Maestros Instructors that will be leading the v1.2 effort as well.

In Redmond, we are fortunate to have BI industry experts

And in Madrid, we are fortunate to have the BI gurus:

  • Marco Russo [blog | twitter]
  • Chris Webb [blog]
  • Thomas Kejser [blog] will be the SQLCAT representative

To keep current on SSAS Maestros, don’t forget to follow the hash tag #SSASMaestro

SSAS Maestro v1.0 Update

But how about all of the folks who completed Round 1 of SSAS Maestros in Redmond, Hong Kong, and London?  Apologies for the delay but it has taken a bit longer than we had originally anticipated to complete the evaluations.

Our partner Solid Quality, CSS, and us are currently going through the evaluation process and we believe the evaluations will be completed by June/July time frame.

So stay tuned!!  (another great way to stay tuned is to follow @sqlcat and/or search #SSASMaestro)

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