Getting ready for enterprise SSAS and PowerPivot at PASS with SQLCAT!

If you’re online this week, and admittedly the last few weeks I have been extremely dormant, you may know that next week is the 2010 SQL Server PASS Summit!   It’s one of the most important SQL Server conferences and my team, SQLCAT,  will be out in force.  Heck, we’ll be in our green SQLCAT shirts so we’ll be noticeable from across the Washington State Convention Center.



Just in case you do not already know, SQLCAT is a SQL Server product group team that works with some of the largest implementations of SQL Server.  By doing this, we help improve the product and we also publish our best practices on  So read up!

Saying this, because PASS is so important, we will be attending in force and have a lot of solid presentations.  You can find them listed at SQLPASS SQLCAT Sessions.


As for enterprise (i.e. very, very large) Analysis Services and PowerPivot, here are some awesome sessions.

BIA499A – SQLCAT: Designing scalable and complex Analysis Service Cubes: Lessons learned from the Field (90 mins)

Presented by Denny Lee and Thomas Kejser

Tuesday November 9th, 2010 10:15am-11:45am (Room 615-617)

The purpose of this session is to highlight issues, best practices, and lessons learned from a select group of SQL Server’s Enterprise customers. Some example of the customer projects we will cover in this session: – AdCenter and their 6TB SSAS environment: two 3TB OLAP cubes, XBox Live and their planned petabyte warehouse and cubes that go with it; issues include distinct count, and SSD drives We will also cover in detail technical issues surrounding: Analysis Services Scale Out Using Read-Only Databases and ROLAP for SQL Server.


BIA477M – Deploying and Managing PowerPivot for SharePoint

Presented by Dave Wickert and Denny Lee

Tuesday November 9th, 2010 3:00pm-4:15pm (Room 4C3)

This is sure to be another popular presentation by the inimitable PowerPivot Twins – Denny Lee and Dave Wickert. If there is anything you need to know about deploying and managing PowerPivot, they are sure to have the answers – or no one does. There simply isn’t a better way to learn than to hear these guys get technical – and it’s fun too!


And don’t forget to attend the SQLPASS keynotes with Ted Kummert, Quentin Clark, and David J. Dewitt – we’ve got some awesome Analysis Services and PowerPivot content dispersed all throughout the keynotes.



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