PowerPivot, Analysis Services, and TechReady….and coffee!

If you’re going to TechReady 11 at the Washington State Convention Center this week in warm, sunny Seattle – first of all, welcome to the Emerald City! 

And if you’re a coffee snob like me (to give you background, not only am a long time Seattle resident so I pretty much breathe coffee – but I also used to live in Montréal so we’re real coffee snobs there, eh?!) – the best place for coffee without a doubt is Espresso Vivace!  The closest one is the one across from REI but there is also two on Broadway in Capital Hill.  So in between meetings, sip and enjoy the wonderful aroma of good coffee!

Saying this, if you’re at TechReady AND you’re interested in PowerPivot or Analysis Services, let me remind you all of some great presentations … oh, okay – presentations made by me that I hope are great! Smile

  • BIN304: PowerPivot to SAP Connectivity [7/26 3:00-4:15pm, TCC 101] – As the title says it, PowerPivot and SAP together (sort of)!. 
  • BIN402: Analysis Services Enterprise Case Studies [7/27 10:00-11:15am, TCC 202] – The return of the same titled session from the previous TechReady, this session dives into some of the themes surrounding how to create robust enterprise Analysis Services environments.
  • Ask the Experts [7/28 7:00-8:00pm, Hall 4AB]: While the actual Ask the Expert will be 7-9pm, I will need to leave at 8:00pm.  Nevertheless, if you have some questions on PowerPivot or SSAS, go for it!
  • BIN403: PowerPivot for SharePoint Power Hour…so powerful its 75min [7/30 10:30-11:45am, Sheraton Metro B] – Dave Wickert and I are back to dive in and provide you the insider details and best practices surrounding PowerPivot for SharePoint. 


Hope to see you at TechReady!  And if you are at TechReady but not interested in PowerPivot or Analysis Services, you can at least get some dang good coffee, eh?!


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