Delegation, Claims, Active Directory….Again?! Frak!

As you may have noted in my original posting Delegation, Claims, Active Directory…Oh My!…Aw Crap!, it quickly described how to solve issues surrounding the delegation of the claims token within an Active Directory environment.  In it I referenced Lee Graber’s excellent posting: The data connection uses Windows Authentication and user credentials could not be delegated.

Today Lee had followed up with his new posting Testing the Claims To Windows Token Service for different identities which is an important read because:

  • It includes the full script of the how to test the whether different identities can work properly within the c2wts
  • He also provides some excellent tips about the account configurations

 So if you run into the eerily sounding error message

The data connection uses windows authentication and user credentials could not be delegated

Definitely read Lee’s article because it will help you diagnose the problem.  And don’t forget to read my “Aw Crap!” article because it may help you fix the problem.


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