PowerPivot has RTM’ed…what’s next?

Woo hoo!  It actually RTM’ed a couple days ago and I did tweet about it but neglected to also blog about it.  As previously blogged, we have the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 PowerPivot Planning and Deployment which I also chatted about in the SQL Server posting: How do I prepare for PowerPivot? 

What’s next?  (atleast for the next couple of weeks)

  • As noted in PowerPivotGeek’s posting PowerPivot has RTM’ed, he will be updating the install guides the the RTM version screenshots as well as we’ll be converting them into whitepapers downloadable from TechNet and sqlcat.com.
  • We are completing a technical note of how to go from a PowerPivot for SharePoint Single Server install to a Server Farm.
  • As well, we will be publishing the first of our PowerPivot Technical Diagrams –  the first of which is the PowerPivot Client/Server architecture which will be available shortly.



  1. robert towne

    Denny, any idea when a download for PowerPivot will be available?

    1. Actually, there will be an announcement coming up in the next while. Sorry, i cannot be more clearer than that right now; will update shortly, eh?!

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