Procedure used for applying Database Compression

A very handy SQL Server 2008 data compression procedure was posted by my collegue Juergen Thomas with his extensive background in SAP.  He propped up an excellent blog post about data compression at: Procedure used for applying Database Compression to Microsoft SAP ERP system.

What is interesting here is that he had created a procedure that would go through and compress all of the tables and indexes within your database using various options (online, batch, schemas, etc.) so that way you didn’t have to write your own statements to individually go through each table and compress them yourselves. 

It’s a very handy procedure (the attachement is at the bottom of his post) that you can use for all of your own systems (i.e. not just SAP but also non-SAP systems) to quickly go through and compress all of your tables and indexes.

Thanks to Juergen for this quick and awesome procedure!

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