How to handle many-to-many relationships in Yukon?

It is tempting to try to use parent-child relationships to handle many-to-many relationships but Yukon has introduced a many-to-many relationship functionality that’s really cool.  For example, using a geography hierarchy noted below, France and Spain both belong to a hierarchy of "Western Europe" and "EU"
Western Europe
        Switzerland (SZ)
        France (FR)
        Spain (SP)
        Lithuania (LI)
        France (FR)
        Spain (SP)
And the problem with many-to-many relationships is that you risk double-counting, double-summing of in this scenario.  Well, to resolve this, you can use the reference of:
Instead of the above examples of Customer, Account and CustomerAccount; you would create a Region (Western Europe, EU), Country (SZ, FR, SP, LI), and a CountryRegion table which maps the many-to-many relationships between the country and region.


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