OLAP and SQL Firewall Configuration

OLAP and SQL Firewalls

For a client or middle-tier to access You will need to open the following firewall ports:
SQL Server: 1433

OLAP Services: 2393, 2394, 2725

For more information, please refer to:
Q301901 or


For Yukon (SQL Server 2005), you will need to open as well:

Analysis Services 2005: 2383 (default port), 2382 (redirector port)



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  2. I’ve sql server 2005, project server 2007 and the analysis services cube is working over intranet. But over extranet i’m unable to see the cube. In every site says that port 2725 should be open, but the server doesnt have that port listening, so how why to configure firewalls if the port is not available on the server.

    do you know how fix that?

    many thanks in advance

    1. Hmm – if its an extranet setup, do you have the HTTP pump setup so that way you can connect? Typically, its not just the 2725 port but also allowing SSAS (i.e. the msmdsrv.exe) to be allowed to talk through the firewall. As well, you may need to turn on SQL Browser so its possible to find it. HTH!

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