Renaming OLAP database (Unsupported)

Renaming OLAP database (Unsupported)

Below are the unsupported steps to rename and OLAP database.

  • Archive the OLAP database and SQL repository (assumes you migrated the OLAP repository to SQL).
  • Stop Analysis Server
  • Rename the folder that contains the Olap dB (e.g. rename c:\Program Files\Microsoft Analysis Services\Data\blah to c:\Program Files\Microsoft Analysis Services\Data\blah2)
  • Go into the Olap repository SQL dB , and change the name “blah” to “blah2” w/in the OlapObjects table. Examples include:
    • The column ObjectName needs to be changed from “blah” to “blah2”
    • The ObjectDescription column needs to be changed from ‘<DATABASE Name = “blah">….’ to ‘<DATABASE Name = “blah2">…’
  • Rename of the *.odb file within the OlapdB folder (e.g. rename c:\Program Files\Microsoft Analysis Services\Data\blah.odb to c:\Program Files\Microsoft Analysis Services\Data\blah2.odb)
  • Start Analysis Server


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