How to archive an OLAP database (not using msmdarch.exe)

How to archive an OLAP database (not using msmdarch.exe)

To provide an unsupported method to archive an Olap database instead of using msmdarch.exe.

  1. You can backup the file folder containing the Olap data (i.e. c:\Program Files\Microsoft Analysis Services\Data) and the Olap repository SQL database (assumes you migrated the Olap repository to a SQL database).  Note, this will backup the entire server.
  2. To backup a specific OLAP database, you can:
    1. Archive the c:\Program Files\Microsoft Analysis Services\Data\OlapDB folder and the c:\Program Files\Microsoft Analysis Services\Data\OlapDB.odb file.
    2. Backup the Olap Repository SQL database OR copy the pertinent rows from the said database from the OlapObjects table.  Note, the table is a parent-child dimension table.

Insure you do these processes at the same time and after all OLAP writing is done (e.g. no processing, lazy aggregations are finished, etc.)

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