A touch of Shanghai cuisine (in this case, in Taichung 台中)

When I’m in Taiwan – it’s all about the Taiwanese small eats (台灣小吃).  These little shops (you cannot even call them restaurants) line alley ways and markets have some of the most delicious food (though lacking amenities). And if you’re in Taichung (台中), you typically will continue that trend – if for no other reason…

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Foodie Friday: Ton Kiang Barbeque Noodle House

Do you really like Hong Kong style Barbeque pig and duck (or poultry for that matter), live in the Emerald City, and just cannot afford to head to Hong Kong on a regular basis?  Well, the best option for those living the Seattle area is Ton Kiang Barbeque Noodle House – I may get into…

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Foodie Friday: St. Honoré Boulangerie

While I’m hardly a food expert like FollowMeFoodieMijune ‏(@followmefoodie), I still consider myself a foodie.  And what I often whet my appetite upon are baked goods – more specifically French bakeries. I used to live in “la belle province” in the most awesome of cities – Montréal.   So I wasn’t enjoying French Bakeries – I…

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Sunny Sunday: Tofino

This is a picture of an isolated beach in the wonderful town of Tofino (yes, I actually took it!).  Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island – if you are surfer, camper, hiker, or just plain old nature lover – this is a beautiful place to hang out.  Drive up from Victoria to Nanaimo…

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Foodie Friday: Taiwanese dessert 芋圓

I realized that from my tweets and Facebook posts (thanks Facebook Timeline) – I often go outside of the realm of being a nerd and display all sort of passion on travel, outdoor stuff, and of course food! So one of the things, I’m going to start adding to my repertoire of blog posts will…

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