With a heavy heart and mixed emotions, after 9.5 years calling Microsoft my home, I have decided to move on from Microsoft with this coming Friday (10/4/2013) being my last day.  It was a hard choice to make as the bulk of my career has been working closely with SQL Server and Analysis Services – and having Microsoft campus as my second home.  Alas, the calls for experimentation and disruption are ringing loudly in my ears (or perhaps my headphones are on too tight?) 

The quote “Sometimes you gotta roll the hard six” is in reference to Battlestar Galactica (2004) ’s Commander Adama in Season 1, Episode 10 “The Hand of God” (admittedly, it’s actually a reference to craps, but I prefer staying in the Sci-Fi domain).  For those who haven’t watched the episode (if you haven’t, stop reading, get Netflix, and watch it already!), Commander Adama is about to make a risky maneuver that may save or annihilate the human race.  A great Urban dictionary definition is “To achieve something partially through intense skill and partially through luck”.  And with that, I am leaving Microsoft so that way I can obtain a different set of skills and hopefully be lucky enough to help the disruption caused by Big Data Analytics.

I am parting from Microsoft as a friend, advocate, and cheerleader – I will still very much be involved with SQL Server, Analysis Services, Azure, and Big Data – but outside of campus.  While I will soon no longer have the blue badge, I am forever beholden to its community!