In my post from last year, I had asked the rhetorical question What’s so BIG about “Big Data”.  I had the honor of announcing the largest known Analysis Services cube – at 24TB – in which the source of this cube is 2PB from a huge Hadoop cluster.

For those whom had attended the PASS 2011 session Tier-1 BI in the world of Big Data, Thomas Kejser, myself, and Kenneth Lieu were honored to discuss the details surrounding this uber-cube.   At that time, I had promised the case study would only be months away…

Alas, it took a little while longer to get the case study out – 13 months – but nevertheless, I am proud to re-announce (I did tweet it last week) that the Yahoo! 24TB Analysis Services / Big Data case study has been publishedYahoo! Improves Campaign Effectiveness, Boosts Ad Revenue with Big Data Solution.

For those whom like a graphical view of this case study, embedded below is an excerpt of the Yahoo! TAO Case Study from the above mentioned PASS 2011 session.

Yahoo! TAO Case Study Excerpt from Denny Lee